How Engage Therapeutics Is Improving Life With Epilepsy

Engage Therapeutics Successfully Completes Open Label Portion of Phase 2b StATES Study and Begins Enrollment in Double-Blind Placebo-Controlled Portion
December 3, 2018
Engage Therapeutics to Present Phase 2b Open Label Run-in Data from StATES Trial of Staccato Alprazolam at 2019 American Academy of Neurology Annual Meeting
March 13, 2019

International Epilepsy Day is here! With individuals and organizations sharing stories of taking action, we thought we’d take the opportunity to reflect on what the team at Engage Therapeutics has accomplished since our founding in 2016.

We created a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with one primary goal: to improve the lives of individuals with epilepsy. Toward this end, we are developing a game-changing therapy for people with drug-resistant seizures. Staccato Alprazolam is the first truly fast-acting, non-invasive seizure rescue device. In a Phase 2A trial completed in 2017, this product showed an 80% response rate to terminate seizures among patients with artificially induced seizures. There was evidence of seizure cessation within 30 seconds, and the drug reached T-max within two minutes. Patients had no serious adverse effects, and they remained seizure-free for several hours thereafter.

In 2018, we launched a Phase 2b study known as the StATES trial, in which participants test the device with naturally occurring seizures in a clinical setting—one of over fifty trial sites across the United States. In December, we announced the successful completion of the open label portion of the study. Enrollment is now open in the double blind, placebo-controlled portion of the study. Results from this portion of the study will be presented at a major medical meeting in the first half of 2019.

We are confident that the healthcare providers at this conference will be excited about Staccato Alprazolam. Those who already know about the treatment realize its significance. Our presentation on the product at the annual convention of the American Epilepsy Society was met with great enthusiasm, as was our presentation at the JP Morgan Healthcare Investors Conference that we attended in January. Both professionals and investors recognize the unique potential of Staccato Alprazolam.

Patients do, too. We will soon share patient testimonials from our various trial sites to give participants a chance to speak for themselves about their experiences with Staccato Alprazolam and their hopes to see this product brought to market.

The team at Engage Therapeutics is committed to making this device available to the public. Our board members have personal connections to epilepsy and have been invested in this patient community for some time. In fact, one of our board members, Dr. Orrin Devinsky, was recently named one of TIME magazine’s “The Health Care 50” for his epilepsy research.

We look forward to 2019 and the opportunity to work alongside the many other advocates and organizations striving to improve life with epilepsy.