Refer a Patient

Engage Therapeutics is partnering with 50 trial sites across the country for StATES (Staccato Alprazolam Terminates Epileptic Seizures), a phase 2b clinical trial assessing the clinical feasibility, safety and efficacy of Staccato Alprazolam in treating epileptic seizures in 100 patients.

Participant Eligibility Requirements

We are actively working with neurologists and epileptologists throughout the United States to recruit patients with focal or generalized seizures for the study. Some criteria for participation includes:

  • Age 18 years or older
  • Diagnosis of focal or generalized epilepsy
  • Documented history of seizure episodes that include at least one of the following:
    • Generalized seizure episodes that start with a flurry of absence seizures or myoclonic seizures that last at least five minutes
    • Episodes of prolonged focal seizures that last at least three minutes
    • Episodes of multiple (≥2) seizures within a 2-hour time period

About the Phase 2b Clinical Trial

Known as StATES (Staccato Alprazolam Terminates Epileptic Seizures), the clinical trial is a double-blind, placebo-controlled, inpatient, dose-ranging efficacy study of Staccato Alprazolam (STAP-001) in subjects with epilepsy who have a predictable seizure pattern. Patients must be able to commit to eight weeks of participation, including up to one week in an inpatient facility. Learn more about the clinical trial at

How to Refer a Patient

In addition to providing clinical trial participants with a daily stipend, we also compensate physicians who refer eligible patients. If you have patients under your care that you feel could fit the criteria or if you have an interest in becoming a trial site please contact us to learn more.