Engage Therapeutics is focused on epilepsy patients suffering from uncontrolled seizures with what could be the first rescue treatment with the potential to stop their seizures.

Epilepsy affects at least three million people in the United States. One in three of those people have what is considered refractory epilepsy with uncontrolled seizures, as one or more anti-epileptic drugs has not worked for them. Approximately 20% or 200,000 of these patients have a predictive pattern of seizures, and Engage Therapeutics is working to bring these patients Staccato® alprazolam, which is designed to stop a seizure in patients who have a predictable seizure pattern.

In 2017, the company entered into an exclusive license and supply agreement with Alexza Pharmaceuticals to advance Staccato alprazolam into phase 2b development as a treatment to stop seizure activity. Founded by a leadership team with deep personal and professional experience in epilepsy, Engage Therapeutics is headquartered in Summit, NJ.