Finding The Power to Stop Epileptic Seizures

When an epileptic seizure starts, there’s nothing you can do. Staccato Alprazolam could change that.

In a proof of concept clinical study, Staccato Alprazolam stopped 80% of seizure activity within two minutes. It has the potential to be the first rescue treatment that can stop the progression of individual epileptic seizures.

Engage Therapeutics is recruiting adults living with epilepsy for StATES, a Phase 2b clinical trial of a novel seizure rescue treatment in study sites across the United States. This trial will allow us to test the safety and efficacy of Staccato Alprazolam in treating naturally-occurring seizures as part of our application for FDA marketing authorization.

Inclusion criteria for the Phase 2b study include an established diagnosis of partial (focal) or generalized epileptic seizures and documented history of episodes that last at least three minutes and occur at least once per week.